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HostingHK provides three different packages to meet various needs of the customer. Click on the Package below to find out more.

With the server rental package, HostingHK will rent the server and related hardware with resonable charges. You can enjoy server maintenance service up to OS level. For hardware level, HostingHK will handle all troubleshooting related to Hardware such as harddisk failure, power issue. For OS level, HostingHK would responsible to reset the server to default state upon the client request. Due to the reduce of maintenance effort, you can allocate more resource elsewhere and archive success in their business. [more..]

Designed for experienced individuals or companies that already owned the servers. Under the co-location package, your servers are colocated in a highly reliable, secure and monitored environment with plenty of power and network redundancy. Due to better performance and stability of internet connection compare with isdn/least line in the office, the service down time reduce and the performance of server improved. [more..]

Managed Services go beyond the standard technical support that every HostingHK client receives. With managed servers, you receive the support of a dedicated HostingHK account manager and support representative. Our experienced Server Administrators provide support and consultation on customized hosting solutions and mission-critical applications. Services include, server administration, security administration, and backup administration, database administration, and general administrative expertise. You can take advantage of our services and alleviate the costly and time-consuming task of building network infrastructure and hiring IT associates. [more..]

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